Creating an Extensive Travel Platform for WeTravel

Travel the World and Share your Experience is a platform geared to travelers of all kinds who are wanting to share their experiences through getaways and trips.

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We focused in creating a simple yet memorial logotype and color palette that would extend from their marketing material and throughout the product design. The color theory stands true to WeTravel's unique yet fresh approach to booking group trips and their brand voice.

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Plan your next excursion or create one

Users can create and manage their own trips with WeTravel. Through a very simple and intuitive onboarding experience, they have the ability to define the trip details, specific trip necessities such as documentation or must haves, and handle payments, all from within the platform.

A fully, comprehensive dashboard for the modern traveler

Through the WeTravel dashboard, users can see the progress of trips that they have created, send messages to other users who will be attending their excursions, write reviews for trips that they have attended, and much more.

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