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Design is more than just appearance. Design is functionality, experience.


Serving more than 11 million users worldwide

Mediasans is a creative design studio in Los Angeles/the Bay Area, led by Will Taylor. Our guiding principles are innovation, integrity and creative flair.

Integrating design theory with branding expertise, UX, UI and front end design development, our clients include AT&T, Capital One, Wanelo, Stratifi, Fuze, TwoTap, and many others.

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Behind the Scenes

Will Taylor

Will Taylor

Founder, UX / UI

Will Taylor is a versatile UI/UX design consultant with nearly a decade of experience. He has worked in various markets specializing in creating usable interfaces for web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

Along with an extensive creative background, Will adds an understanding for platform specific design principles and front-end knowledge, as well as performing competitive/market analysis to gather information that best suits the specified target market. He believes that understanding users is key in developing a sustainable and relatable solution.